Sharing List with Sequence Generator Pro

Hi all,

The only way I see to share a target in Telescopious is to download my Observing List in .csv format.

However, Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) tells me the image needs to be plate solved, and it is looking for an URL not a .csv file.

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Hi Paul,

SGP has 2 different integrations: one to import your observing lists, and another one to pick up a plate solved picture and replicate that framing (coordinates + position angle).

For what you are saying, you are in the second case but want to import the observing list instead. For that, if I remember correctly, you need to go to File > Import Targets > Telescopius List.

I hope that helps!

Hi Sebastian,

I found it…nevermind…Ijust copied the URL from the address bar when I got to my personalized list web page.

I’d rather pick up the plate solved picture and replicate framing, but SGP does seem to be able to import a list of one or more targets with framing and plate solve intact. It is just that it asked for a URL, not a downloaded .csv file. It is very obvious, but I’m missing something here.
The URL should look like:

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As far as I remember, you can use that CSV file in File > Import Targets > Telescopius List.

The part where you are asked to enter a URL is when trying to replicate a specific framing from a plate solved picture. Those URLs look like this:<id>/......

I hope this helps! If it doesn’t, would you mind sharing some screenshots?