A shareable, fullscreen slideshow of your pictures

It would be very cool if you could create a slideshow of your picture gallery which would also be shareable. The nice-to-have’s would be:

  • Optionally fullscreen
  • Selectable pictures (by default all)
  • Shareable as a link for all to see, without the need to log in/create an account
  • A link to your profile page

Obviously it is the intention to share your work with others in a visually pleasing but not too complex or distracting way.

This is a great idea, thank you :slight_smile:

I had a similar idea in the past, but it got buried with tons of other features. I’ve just bumped its priority so hopefully I should be able to do something for this in the coming months.

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That would really be awesome! Thanks for replying, let’s hope you’ll get round to it! Much appreciated :wink: