About the General Questions category

The General Questions category contains topics discussing how Telescopius Features work, but any other astronomy-related question is welcome too.

This different from the Feature Suggestions category - here we ask how features work, and share tips on existing functionality.

Questions like “How do I change the timezone of my saved locations?” or “Can I change my notification settings?” belong in this category.

Have I completely misunderstood the point of the forum – nice work on it by the way?

Is it intended to address only topics related to Telescopius or to provide a knowledge base for astronomy and imaging topics?

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While the original purpose was to have discussions about Telescopius, I’d be more than happy if this forum becomes a general astronomy forum where we all help each other :slight_smile:

Categories will likely see a “refactor” after a few weeks/months when we can see more clearly the trend of the topics. So don’t be shy and ask whatever you want! :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated the description of this category to reflect that any question is welcome to avoid any confusion.