Add Az/Alt filter to deep sky search


for my balcony I very precisely know in which Az/Alt area an object has to be to be visible. Half of the sky is not visible and some trees limit this further. A coordinate filter allowing to fitler with Az/Alt instead of Ra/Dec would help immensely to select visible objects, if you have a fixed location (like a balcony). This is already semi implemented with the “x minutes y° over the horizon” filter. This could be extended to “x minutes y° over the horizon and between z° and a° Az”. Even an upper limit for Alt could make sense, as my telescope has problems targeting objects very high up.

Hi Gor1lla, welcome to the forum!

I’m planning to refactor the whole search feature later this year, when I code the offline features, so I’ll probably add the option to filter by alt-az as you suggest as well :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to announce the offline search everywhere so you’ll probably see the notification when it’s done. Thanks for your suggestion!