Adding filters & FOV as per setup telescope

Firstly Thanks for creating such an amazing page which helps us for astrophotography - i have small suggestion is it possible to add filter options (L-extreme, Lpro, L enhance, Duo Band etc…) on review page - so user can decide which filter is suitable for target - it will help a lot for beginners like me. Also once user select his FL then AI should should him only targets which is recommended for his FL.


… and make it clear that it’s OK/Encouraged to post “filter fails”.

I did an M97/M108 combination the other night with an L-eXtreme knowing that I wouldn’t get much good data from the surfboard galaxy. Indeed, I got kind of a red smudge, while the owl nebula looked great. I’d happily share that photo if it helps others to better understand what they can realistically expect from filter.

I was going to post the same request on filters -agree 100%, that will help with planning an imaging session

Thank you for posting :+1: