Broadband vs light pollution filter: difference

Hi Seba.
In the upload image page, when I have the choice between many type of filters used for the lights, I can’t understand the effective difference between:
Broadband filter
Light pollution filter
Searching on the web it seems not to be a difference between the two. They are always grouped under the same category, as you can see here: A Guide to Imaging Filters
Which category does an L-Pro filter belong to?



Hi Andrea,

A light pollution filter is indeed also a broadband filter, but the inverse is not necessarily true. Pretty much like a SII filter is narrowband, but not all narrowband filters are SII.

Having said that, most common broadband filters are also light pollution filters so that’s probably why those terms are quite interchangeable most of the time. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks Seba for your detailed explanation. :grinning:

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