Center map based on RA and Dec

Dear friends,

I’m planning a set of mosaics to image large fields (i.e. constellations). To do so, I’ll like to center the map on a given RA and Dec to then configure the panels of the mosaic.

Is there any way to center the map in RA and DEC, rather than using the search by objects (i.e. Deep sky, planets, etc) ?

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Hi Felipe, welcome to the forum!

Yes, you can achieve what you want in Toolbox > Telescope Simulator, click on the crosshairs button and, instead of using the search feature, just change the coordinates manually:

Hope this helps!

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you so much for your kind welcome and help. I worked out nicely !!! Truly appreciate it.

All the best, clear skies and shine on from the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX)

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