Changing locations and date

Well the text of my post seemed to disappear when I uploaded the file. So I copy it here:
For the first time I am planning for an October 2024 trip 5 months into the future trip to different locations and time zones in USA. I have set the different locations in Observatory Settings (town & state) and verified the Lat/Long are correct. The time zone seems correct. I am showing on location, Driggs Idaho.

For Driggs the actual time and the elevation graph do not seem correct. See attached!

So I would like to know what I need to correct, and how to fix this.

Hi Roger,

The altitude chart seems ok to me, October is a great month to see M33 from the Northern Hemisphere.

About the “Now” row you indicate as incorrect, please note that’s actually “now”, not Oct 2. That’s a live alt/az indicator for when you are in the field. It’s not meant to be understood as “the night of Oct 2”, but literally “right now” for your location.

I hope this helps!