CSV download not giving correct object size, type column is empty

I switched to the Enhanced DB this morning and when I attempted to download my target list in .csv (which has always worked successfully before today) returns the file with all the object sizes wrong.
The size of the targets, when I “go to list” are showing correctly. In the .csv they are all showing as a number in “” as opposed to degrees, minutes.
I use that column in my monthly planning process, can you please tell me how to get it to correctly download?

Also - the object type column is completely empty.
Also - there are random objects in the list, that I did not put there (ACO 2199, ACO 21, ACO 31). When I go to ACO 21, to see what the object is, it takes me to the Telescope Simulator.

How do I revert back to the standard DB, presuming that the switch to the enhanced DB is causing this problem and hasn’t destroyed the underlying capabilities that you used to have (and why I became a Patreon)


I’ve just released an update that fixes this issue with the CSV download. Now the types and size columns work as expected starting version 231126.0154.

Regarding the objects ACO xxxx, they are Abell Clusters of Galaxies. Note that the “Abell” acronym is ambiguous with another catalog (Abell catalogue of Planetary Nebulae) so we adopted the acronyms used on SIMBAD - ACO for clusters of galaxies, and PN A66 for Planetary Nebulae.

Let me know how it goes!