Database stored on device

I’m confused about the database update. I had hoped storing it locally meant I could use Telescopius when in the desert without an internet connection. Was I hoping for too much?

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Not at all, that’s the whole idea! You can already use Telescopius while offline to some extent but I need to work out some extra details in the coming weeks. Let me ellaborate.

After you upgrade to the latest version you can open Telescopius even without an internet connection. You’ll get suggestions in the homepage, you’ll be able to search for targets in the Targets menu (DSOs, Comes, Asteroids, Planets), and see all object altitude charts, data sheet details, the new classification box, etc.

However, right now we have these limitations:

  • When you open the app in offline mode, several “connection error” messages are present which I want to eliminate ASAP

  • Only builtin images that you’ve already seen when you had connection (cached) will be available. I’ll add an option to the Application Settings to let you download all the thumbnails in advance for offline use.

  • Observing Lists are currently unavailable. I’ll work to make them available at least read-only in the near future. Afterwards, I’ll work in making them full read/write with synchronization when you come back online.

  • The Telescope Simulator won’t be available offline, pretty much like you don’t have access to the entirety of the Earth maps in Google Maps while offline - it’s just too much information to download everything. Think of the number of zoom levels you have in there. However, I’m planning to use builtin images (thumbnails and such) to give the possibility to frame your shots even if the imagery quality is not the best.

There are some missing things for a full offline experience, but I decided to release what was ready at this point because the upgrade under the hood was already massive and the current state brings a lot of benefits already.

I hope this clarifies the general idea and future upgrades. Please do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :slight_smile: