Do not log user out when inactive for a while. Preferably never

It’s quite annoying to log into the site almost every time I use it. This is not a hi stake site so automatic log out is not necessary.

Hi txo, thanks for sharing your feedback!

Actually what you ask is how it’s meant to work. I never have to log into Telescopius unless my browser gets updated and it deletes all cached data with the update, or I clear the browser cache manually. Let me ask you a couple of questions to try and pinpoint the problem.

  • What browser and version are you using?
  • Does this happen with Telescopius only, or can you see the same behavior on other sites?
  • Could you please double check you don’t have enabled the setting to clear your browser cache after you close the tabs/window?

If everything seems ok, any extra information you can provide may be helpful to identify what’s going on. Also, please let me know what Telescopius version you see at the far bottom right of the page - it’s right below the copyright notice.


  • I use edge always keeping it up to date.
  • This happens only when a site intentionally logs me out. Most prominent culprit here is google where I must re-login every now and then. Do not know how often it’s more often than comfortable and sufficiently rare that it does not force me to investigate more.
  • No. I do not clear caches after closing a tab.
  • version 20210201.0226 (but I suppose it doesn’t matter, the issue exists since I registered on Mar 2019)

The problem doesn’t seem to be that it simply forgets me. It seems like the session timeout is set too short. Say month, maybe more, maybe less. I haven’t kept proper accounting for that. It is for sure shorter than three months (that is how long I did not have a clear night recently :slight_smile: ) But my feeling is that the timeout takes some low weeks number.

More and more users are reporting this behavior even though I have set the cookie duration to last 1 year. I’ll investigate this further and get back to you!

Try checking whether the issue does not manifest when one logs into the site from several computers or browser instances on the same one. I for example have “installed” the site as desktop app using the feature in edge. And sometimes using it both as “app” and in regular browser session.

Good news: I’ve just found a bug that was setting the session cookie expiration date to 45 days instead of 1 year in some cases. Next time you log in you should be remembered for 1 year without issues.

I might increase this value in the future or even auto-renew the session.

Thanks for your report and help! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I must say your fix didn’t help apparently. Still getting logouts on both of my computers.

Oh damn… :frowning:

So this happened less than 1 month after my fix. Did you log out when I released the fix and logged back in? The previous cookie was set to 45 days, so if you didn’t log in again in all this time, the previous cookie may still be the reason for your session loss.

If that’s not the case, if you did log out and back in after I made the change, then I’m afraid the problem is not the cookie expiration date because you were now logged out after less than ~30 days have passed.