Enter the RA and Dec Coordinates Directly?

I’d like to use Telescopius to check the rise/transit/set times of variable start fields, not deep sky objects.

Is it possible to enter the RA and Dec of a location rather than a deep sky object name?

Hi Chris,

Yes, there is a way although is more of a workaround.

You need to go to the Telescope Simulator, and hit the Crosshairs button to change the center location. In that popup you can change the RA/DEC as needed, and the altitude chart will be updated accordingly.

You’ll need to move your mouse over the chart to see the hours at the different altitudes. I’ll probably include the rise/transit/set times in that popup in the future, it makes sense.

Thanks. That works.

However I’m now confused about what observatory location the Telescope Simulator altitude chart uses. The height and position of the curve don’t change when I switch among iTelescope observatories or when I edit the observatory location manually.

Am I misunderstanding this how this should work?

I think I got it working. It seems that the on/off button next to the Imaging Partners dropdown needs to be highlighted (off?) . This enables the observatory location to affect the curve.