Equipment missing .......... again

good day,
I have been on Telescopius for over a year, in that time my equipment will all be deleted for the 5th time. since there is no auto selection for various scopes, cameras etc reentering everything multiple times gets very time consuming.

any idea why my equipment continues to get deleted roughly every 60 days?

thanks in advance

It may be that you’re equipment settings are held on your machine using a cookie and that you, or you’re browser, is deleting the cookie every 60 days ? I haven’t looked at my telescopius cookies, but there are 7 of them and the total size is 18Mb which is quite large.

thanks for the reply,
if it were a cookie issue the problem would remain on only one device, all my phones, tablets and pc’s are losing all my data. the logins and account remain intact.

Hi Tony,

It’s the first time I hear about something like that happening. I really have no idea what the issue could be.

I’ll see if I can add some logging to try and find what’s going on. If you or anybody else have more info, how to reproduce the issue or anything that could be of help, please let me know.