Feature Request

It would save a lot of time if it were possible to copy J2000 coordinates from a nebula in the Toolbox-Target list to the Coordinates Conversion tool for conversion to JNow. It’s great that you provide this tool as is but the suggested functionality would take it to another highly appreciated level!

OK, I should experiment and try things before I ask for features that already exist. Simple copy and paste does it! Thank You for providing this functionality! Searching for Astrophotography objects in Telescopius is my go to app.

I take it back! I can move from copying RA from the target list to pasting in the Coordinates Calculator. BUT, when I go back to the target list Ican copy DEC coordinates but when going back to the conversion page it has lost the RA coordinates!? So it looks like writing down the coordinates from the target list in J2000 and writing RA and DEC in the conversion field without leaving that page to see the conversion and then writing them down. Works, but what a mess! Am I doing something wrong?

It would be really convenient to have a JNOW checkbox above the data column that now gives object’s coordinates. Checked would mean coordinates are in JNOW; unchecked J2000. Then we could click the copy icon to copy RA or DEC and paste straight into ASIAIR.

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed this could be improved.

Right now, the lists can contain any coordinate system you want. In other words, you can create custom objects and enter JNow coordinates, nothing prevents you from doing that. The problem is Telecopius doesn’t know which one each user chose, so we can’t convert what we have now automatically.

I need to refactor the target lists so we can specify if we are storing J2000 or JNow values on each list - or each list item individually. That way we could know if we need to convert one way or the other.

In the meantime, if you need to convert coordinates I suggest you open a second tab with Telescopius Calculator on your browser, then you can easily copy/paste from one tab into the other, without having to remember or writing down the coordinates somewhere else.

Sebastian, simple solution to open another tab in the browser to copy and paste! I’m happy again!

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