Filter target list on iPhone refreshes/resets while scrolling

Hello, I am not sure if this is a new or old issue, but I have created a filtered list (approx 444 items) and when I am scrolling through the list (at some point, it’s never the same place), my screen goes white and/or blank and it resets me to the top of my list. The target list is still there in tact, and I can usually scroll back to where the even happened and continue for a bit before it appends again. I am using safari on iPhone 14 Pro with latest updates and the latest version of Telescopius.

Could you please share the list URL so I can take a look at what could be going on? If you don’t want to make your list publicly available here, feel free to send me a private message instead.


Hey Sebastian - Here is the URL


Had to drop the site http to get it to display

Just experienced the same incident on my iPad too. Just looking at a filter list, I did choose show 100 items per page.

Thanks! I’ve experienced this too on my iPad now. I’m not sure what’s causing this but it smells like a memory issue triggering a reload of the page. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Could you please let me know if you experience the same behavior with 50 or 25 results per page instead of 100?

Hey Sebagr, I experience it on 10, 25, 50, and 100 (on my iPhone). I am building a filter list and opening items on the list and it happens for all list sizes. I think your initial assumption is the right path. I can try it later on my iPad mini if you need.

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Wow, it happens at only 10 results per page. I’ll take a look at it ASAP. One more question: are you using the essential or the extended database?

Hey Sebagr, I am (of course) using the Extended database.

I also see you had an update today, as soon as I get my day job out-of-the-way, I run through testing to see if that made any difference.


Thanks to your report I’ve found several memory leaks. I’ve just fixed a big one caused by an outdated library. This fix is live in version 240412.1648.

I have yet to fix other memory leaks, but this one was causing about 10-25% memory bloat after just a few pages visited, growing more and more with every page view. This should help you, at least to some extent until I fix the remaining leaks. Thanks for your report and your patience!

Thanks for the update! It does seem to be slightly better, but is a bit hard to tell when working with big list. We appreciate all you do for the hobby!

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I’ve just released a new update with more memory leak fixes. Please let me know if you still experience those refreshes using version 240413.* or above, thank you!

Sebagr- Sorry to report that it’s still happening, but not as frequently as before. Created a list of 1600 items, show 10 items. I was able to view about 10 items (opening up the telescope framing) before it would refresh. When I increased to 25 items, the refresh happened sooner (at 4-5 items) but that could of been an artifact of the previous reset (I didn’t restart the app after the first reset before moving to 25 items).

Ok, I think for this case there are two things I can do to help. One is to stop creating one simulator instance each time you enter a target page, by reusing a unique global instance. The other one is to add a link to the simulator right in the search results, so you can check the framing without actually going to the target dedicated page.

I’ll get back to you next week.

Thanks, I know I’m probably again push what I should do on an iPhone, so do what’s best for the product (not for one use case, unless you have more people reporting it). I tell people all day, sorry nope, this is too small of a use case to consider for the product.

Maybe this wasn’t much of an issue before, but now that the iOS app is about to be released (which is actually the same code as the website), it’s much more relevant. And I must admit the app uses much more memory than I would like to, so I believe these changes will be for the best for many users not just this use case.

Thanks for your concern, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: