Find Objects that match my camera and scope

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way to get a list of targets that will be a good match with the camera and scope I’m using? for example, I have a c11 with hyperstar, and while the andromeda galaxy will fill the fov nicely, the sunflower galaxy is just a small dot.



Hi Patrick, welcome to the forum!

To achieve what you want you can narrow down the list of targets filtering them by size. Just go to Targets > Deep Sky and make sure to enter something in the Apparent Size filter section inside the Search Parameters box.

If you know the FOV of your setup, it’s just a matter of setting the minimum/maximum DSOs apparent size to some reasonable values around that. The Andromeda Galaxy is about 3.2 degrees wide, so based on what you say you might want to set the filter to display objects between 20-30 arcminutes and 4 degrees?

If you don’t know the exact FOV of your setup, you can use the Telescope Simulator to calculate it. Just enter the details of your telescope and camera and read the info in the screen. In the following example, you can see the framing FOV is 0.97 x 0.74 deg.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply-I think this will help! Also, does Telescopius support multiple gear profiles? I have 3 different telescopes and 2 different cameras and would love to be able to have different profiles built around each combination.



Absolutely. Once you are logged in, you can edit your equipment. You can see in the image below how having more than one camera looks like. To switch between them, you can just click the one you want.

Bear in mind that to get your cameras listed there you need to save them to your profile (see the add/remove link) and include the sensor size. For telescopes, the focal length is required.

Thank you very much Sebastian!

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