Framing Tool Suggestion

I use the Telescope Simulator to plan framing for astrophotography targets. It would be awesome if, after rotating the FOV of the camera sensor, you could rotate the background sky so that you could see what the image looks like in photographic orientation (portrait, landscape). Basically just something that allows me to square the frame of the sensor to my monitor.

Maybe there is an option somewhere? If so would love to know. I end up copy / pasting into photo-editing software.

Hi David, welcome to the forum!

Indeed, what you suggest would be great. It’s already on the backlog and hopefully I should be able to do it in the upcoming refactor, which includes being able to have multiple framings at once to compare.

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Clear skies!

That’s amazing! Looking forward to it. I love that I’ll be able to try multiple framings.

As long as I’m wishing…

A tool that allows you to frame an object, and then browse images with a similar image scale and framing would be killer. Maybe partner with astrobin. I can dream. :smiley:

That’s also in the roadmap. We have enough pictures now to do that too :slight_smile: