From Target list selection, cannot go back to list

When I use the “Targets” function and get a list items, if I choose any item on the list, I no longer have the ability to go back to my list I just created. I have to select the “Targets” button again. Luckily it remembers my initial parameters and I see the same list. I have just noticed this in the past few days. Before, once I selected an item, I had a “back arrow” to the list. It’s now missing for me. I am on Mac, running the WebApp where Safari is my default browser.

I’ll add that arrow again soon. In the meantime, you can use whatever “back” features you have on your device.

On your Mac, you can swipe your touchpad with 2 fingers from left to right to go back as you do on Safari. Or hit CMD + left arrow. On mobile devices, the “back” gesture or back button on several devices will work too.

Let me know if this works for you in the meantime!

Thanks Sebagr, the CMD+ left arrow works on my Mac mini just fine.

I’ve added the back button again in many pages (like targets, lists, pictures) in version 240320.1935 rolling out soon.