Full screen view instead of a lightbox

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When I share my photos on Social Media, I like them to be viewable in a large as possible resolution.

Images are now shown in a lightbox that limits itself to the screensize, although technically the image loaded by the browser is much bigger. I can go into developer tools, do an inspect on the lightbox and open the actual image in a new tab and enjoy it’s full resolution.

It would be nice to have a way to load the image in 1:1 size (with scroll bars) as well.

Hi schoenmaker, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more, some pictures are meant to be displayed in full resolution! Right now you can do this by clicking on the “Download full size” link in each picture page, which will open a new tab with the biggest resolution available.

But it would be great to have some kind of “mouse over” feature where you can simply move your mouse over the picture and see the full resolution of that small part you are pointing at. I would very much like to do so but right now it would conflict with the feature to show plate solved objects. I might need to add a new link to open the picture in this new mode or display the full resolution crop on a separate overlay. I’ll think about the alternatives but I will definitely do it sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

The “Download Full Size” option is a means of showing the actual full resolution image indeed. But what I was getting at, was showing the JPG in the full resolution in a new tab. The download most times is overkill for my cause. It is nice for people who would want to see the image in its original quality.

A hover over is possible, but might be more difficult to implement than just a plain simple target="_blank" action of the full res JPG. Such as in this example of an image on my telescopius profile: https://storage.googleapis.com/dso-browser.com/astrophotography/picture-57ab42ad645605d047c1036c3d719023-uhd-2841x2160.jpg

Actually the “Download full size” link doesn’t trigger a download but opens the image with target="_blank" precisely to be able to inspect the picture inside the browser. The only exception for this is when the original image is in TIFF format (which many browsers don’t support) in which case a proper download is triggered.

Having said that, I realize now that the naming (e.g. “Download”) is not intuitive, I might need to re-label that link to “Open full size” or something like that.

At any rate, I’ve been thinking about adding the hover functionality for a quick inspection of certain areas of the picture, including TIFF images, so I will probably do it sooner or later anyway :slight_smile:

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the only exception for this is when the original image is in TIFF format (which many browsers don’t support) in which case a proper download is triggered.

That is my issue then. Most of my images (as is the example I gave above) are originally TIF. You however have a JPG available to you in google cloud which could enable a ‘show fullscreen’ option. Then you can leave the ‘download full size’ button as is.

I’ve just released an upgrade that shows all available versions, hopefully this helps until I add the mouse over feature!


Please remember Telescopius is cached on all browsers so it may take a couple of visits to the site until you get the upgrade automatically.

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This is perfect! Thanks!

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