Gallery for framing

Hi Sebastian

I had an idea that I wanted to share.

It woudl be really cool if you could add a frame based on your equipment to the Gallery photos. That way you could use the great community images to help frame images you are planning. This would be great for some of the feint nebula that don’t come out that well on the DSS surveys.

As an alternative, maybe you could add your own gallery data to the survey source. That would probably be a lot more complicated to choose which image to render though.

Again appreciate all the work you put into this.


I love that framing suggestion! I have just added it to the backlog :slight_smile:

Regarding the usage of your own gallery as the survey source, I have thought about using specific images (even from other users) and be able to cycle between them. This is not quite like seeing many images at once, but it would let you see those faint nebulae that otherwise you couldn’t.

I’ll come back here once I’ve done something about this. Thanks again :slight_smile: