Gallery search criterion on DSLR and modded DSLR


I shoot using a DSLR imaging device, a non-modded one (native filters are not removed). DSLR gives different results than astro cameras, and modded DSLR are different from unmodded ones. Thus, it would be very usefull to have the following search criterions added in gallery search engine:

  • is a DSLR
  • is modded

There is already a “is modified” checkbox when adding an imaging device in our profile. What I suggest is to add here a “is a DSLR” checkbox (or maybe a more general “device type” with several choices such as DSLR, astro camera, webcam…), and add both information as criterions in the gallery’s search engine. I would love to have these features on Telescopius :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea, I’m adding it to the roadmap. Thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

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