Generating API Key

Hello! Have been a great fan of Telescopius, and I’m wondering how can I get an API key to use the data here for a personal astronomy project that I have?

Basically, I would love to have access to the “suggestionsForTonight” data at!

Hi James, welcome to the forum!

I’m planning to release a new API towards the end of the year, including a free tier for personal use.

Unfortunately, the current API is not documented and I cannot guarantee any support if someone uses it, but if you manage to understand it feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes. Just bear in mind as soon as I release the new API (which will be announced) this one will be deprecated, to be removed some time during 2022.

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I would also be greatly interested in using your API to retrieve data. Looking forward to the update!

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Unfortunately I’m quite a bit behind of the public API release but rest assured I’ll announce it as soon as it’s ready :slight_smile: