Get coordinates at specific time

Hi to all , this is my first question,
I am wondering if there is a way to get coordinates based on specific time, for example , I can see veil nebula and I get its coordinates but I should to get these coordinates when it is 02:30 by the night.
I searched but I didn’t find it.

I can answer myself it is not needed, it is really a stupid question.
Lack of knowledge.

I don’t think it’s a stupid question. Equatorial coordinates don’t change over time for Deep Sky Objects (hardly in a lifetime anyway), but local coordinates (altitude and azimuth) do change. To find the local coordinates at any time you can use the altitude charts displayed next to each target, or right in the target page. You’ll need to use your mouse/finger to place the “dot” near your desired time and you’ll be able to see the alt and az values.


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Just started trying to use Telescopius. Question is, if i create my Mosaic at noon and upload it, will it be on target at 10:00 PM? Does it take that into consideration, or does it search for, say, M31 first, and then enter my Mosaic?

Coordinates show in the Telescope Simulator are actually equatorial coordinates, so they don’t depend on the time of viewing - at least not for deep sky targets. So if you prepare your mosaic and then focus on M31, or you go the other way around, you will end up with the same result. I hope this helps!

I’m using simulator but the target does not show up in the viewing area. It looks like it gives me the correct coordinates but no image. I will try with mosaic and see if it works tonight.

Depending on the target it may be very faint to appear on the simulator, or appear brightest on other wavelengths other than visual. You could try different surveys.

Also, a frequent issue is that the target is too small for the given telescope/camera setup and it’s “hidden” behind the crosshairs. If this could be the case, you can try setting the Simulator to “off” and manually zoom in.