How does one add a planet to target list? What am I missing here?

How can I add Jupiter to the target list? I can see its page under planets, but I don’t see any buttons to add it to a target list…as well, if you search in the search I can’t find it that way…I feel like this should be super obvious and I’m completely missing something…

Unfortunately planets cannot be added to lists just yet - but it’s on the roadmap for this year when I rebuild a good part of the interface :slight_smile:

Regarding the search, do you mean the “Go to object” quicksearch input at the top of the page? I’ve just searched for Jupiter and got it back - are you getting some kind of error message?

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Sorry, no I just meant custom lists. It’s been a long night.

Ahh got it. It would be a good feature to be able to add objects directly in the target lists, I’ll add that suggestion to the roadmap now, cheers! :slight_smile:

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