How to import a csv file from Telescopius into NINA

Hi all

I know it is possible to create a mosaic un Telescopius and import into NINA- but I just can’t figure out how to do it! Any NINA users here who can walk me through the steps please?

I do it all the time with my ASIAIR and that’s a seamless and simple process but I do have non ZWO gear with which I use NINA

Thanks in advance



I have worked it out- its ridiculously simple. With the ASIAIR, you can copy the mosaic plan - the Telescopius csv to your Clípboard - and paste into the plan window

With NINA, you have to download the CSV and in the simple sequencer click the import button and point it to the downloaded csv file and it works just fine

In case anyone else has the same question I did


Glad you worked it out, Narayan! Thanks for sharing this, as it may prove useful for other users :slight_smile: