HyperStar : a (tiny) bug

I’m new to Telescopius and I was filling up my equipment list.
I have a Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain 11" scope with a HyperStar reducer lens.
In the Telescope / Lens panel and Model / Name field, I tried to enter: HyperStar
This got rejected and replaced by: Hyper
Then I tried to enter: Hyper Star
which got accepted !!!
I can live with it but it’s annoying !

Hi, thank you for your message!

The brand is actually listed as “Hyperstar” on Telescopius, as you can see in the dropdown below. However, different browsers may autocomplete fields with info you entered on fields on other websites if they were named the same. In other words, I’m suspecting your browser may have autocompleted the field for you using information stored on your browser.

At any rate, you noticed how “Hyper Star” also got accepted. That’s because you can actually input anything into that field. When I realized there was no possible way for me to keep that list up to date every single week of my life, so I decided to have a decent list of suggestions but let users enter any brand name they want. This comes at the expense of having “hyperstar”, “HYPERSTAR”, “HyperStar”, “Hyper Star”, and any other variation you can think of, including typos. But I can live with that for now :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!