I can't see the latest changes announced - how can I update Telescopius?

Telescopius is a Progressive Web Application. This means, among other things, that it’s installed/cached on your browser for faster access next time, and updates are managed automatically by your browser.

Each time you visit Telescopius, your browser will open the cached version while it checks for available updates. If there is a new version available, it will be installed automatically as soon as you close all open Telescopius tabs.

This is usually not a problem for anybody, but some times features get announced and you’ll want to see them right away, only to find you are running an old version. Bummer.

If you suspect your are not getting recently announced features and don’t want to wait any longer for the automatic update, you can try the following:

  1. Close all your open Telescopius tabs.

  2. Visit https://telescopius.com once and check if you have the updated version.

  3. If you are still seeing the old version, repeat 1) and 2) one more time.
    Most of the time this is enough.

  4. If that didn’t work, do a hard refresh.
    This varies by browser and operating system, if you don’t know how to do it just google “how to do a hard refresh” + your browser name.

  5. After your hard refresh you should get the latest version on your current tab.
    If you did, close that tab right away so it gets installed for all new tabs as well. You can now visit Telescopius normally and enjoy the latest version.

  6. If that didn’t work either, close all open Telescopius tabs again, clear your browser cache and restart your browser.

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