Image sorting in your profile astrophotography page is inconsistent


For some time now, the images on your profile have been sorted by date of acquisition (rather than upload dates). I really like this change.
However, I noticed that on my astrophoto profile page some of my images are not sorted correctly.
For example, the first image available on my page (the one at the bottom of the 3rd page) is an image of the horse’s head acquired on January 9, 2021, but the following images (those just above) are from 2020.


Hi Nico,

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve just released an update to fix the order.

However, please note we never sorted by acquisition date, but the last revision upload date. This means that if you upload a new revision for an old image, it will show up as new work on your profile - because it is!

At any rate, I’ve been planning to add a sorting dropdown to profile pages for some time now, so I’ll probably do it soon. It only makes sense to let the user choose the order when viewing any profile.

Thanks again for letting me know, I hope it a bit better now. Clear skies! :slight_smile:

Hi Seb.

I guess I mistook a bug for a feature because I was very pleased some time ago when I noticed that my images were not sorted anymore by the last revision upload date. I never liked when I upload a new version of an old image that it shows up in first place in my profile. It is a new work but not a new image and I like the chronological order the most.

Anyway, I will wait patiently for the sort option :slightly_smiling_face: