Impossible to modify sites coordonates and to leave a message on site

All is in titre. The option to modify site coordonates is présent. But I find no way to validate after changes.

@Ddaniel84 Could you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!

Hi Sebagr, I select a loaction yet regustred (“Carpentras”), modify latitude and longitude (but don’t see how to validate, and goes on another page. When I come back to see location’s coodonates, no changes are taken in account. Dominique

Ohh I see! Next to that “Cancel” link you should see a “Save” button. What browser and version are you using? I can see the Save button on all major browsers on Mac:

I use Chrome under Windows 10 and also Android. Never see “Save”…

I’m still trying to reproduce this issue. Unfortunately I haven’t had access to a computer with Windows yet and all my Android devices show the Save button.

Can I ask you to try Telescopius on an incognito window and let me know how it goes? If it works fine, then probably clearing your browser cache (at least the cached data for will probably fix this issue.

Also, if it doesn’t work, please let me know the version you are running - you can find the version number at the bottom right of any page, right under the copyright notice.

Thanks Sébastien
I will try that and will inform you.
Thanks again