In the telescope section, which do I select for a DWARF II (and soon to add ZWO SeeStar S50)?

The telescope topic only includes limited classic telescopes, not smart telescopes. So which do I choose as the best match for the DwarfLabs Dwarf II smart telescope that I have now, and the ZWO SeeStar S50 that hasn’t shipped yet?

Indeed, we need a new “smart telescope” category. In the meantime, you can use your telescope focal length and sensor size. In your case, the Dwarf II focal length is 100mm but I’m not sure about the sensor size. But I also noticed the Dwarf II focal length is equivalent to 650mm on a full frame sensor, so you can go ahead and enter that in the Telescope Simulator: 650mm telecope focal length, and sensor size = 36mm x 24mm.

That ends up with a 3 deg FOV, which is the same as advertised. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: