Info in Yearly Planner

Hi Sebastian,
In the time planner for planets, there is a small issue with the ‘Yearly Altitude’ chart …

See the attached example …

If I select Mars, and display the chart for (say) the next 12 months @ 3pm, the chart says best seen at 03 pm: Oct 3 • 47°, because that is the highest Mars will be at that time of day during the course of the next 132 months.

But - there are 2 issues here …

  1. You can’t see Mars at 3pm because it is daylight (unless you have special equipment);
  2. I haven’t logged in, so Telescopius doesn’t know my location (although it seems to make a rough guess, based on my IP I suppose).

It might be helpful to :-
a. say ‘Highest elevation’, rather than ‘best seen’;
b. indicate the location used for the charts;
c. include daylight/dark in the chart’s background (that would be very cool).
So you would see an arc across the chart, which indicates astronomical twilight, separating day and night for each month, at that time of day.

Also, a Monthly chart would be very nice too.

Best regards,


Hi Gary,

The location used throughout the site is the one displayed in the Observatory Settings in the top left corner of the screen. The only exception is when you edit one of your observing lists and decide to fix the location for that list. Other than that, the whole site uses the one location displayed/set in Observatory Settings. When you change it there, everything in the current page gets updated to reflect that.

When you are logged out, on your first visit the location is guesstimated based on your IP address - you got that one right :slight_smile:

The daylight/dark info would be really helpful in the yearly chart, you are absolutely right! I’ve had that one in the backlog for some time now, I hope I’m able to do it soon. It shouldn’t be hard.

Regarding the monthly chart, I like the idea. I’m adding it to the the backlog now.

Thank you for your suggestions! :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for that feedback - all makes sense.

It will be great to see those new features when you have time :slight_smile: