Internal Error when trying to view my photos

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing this issue from a couple of days: when I log into my account I get the “internal error” message but I have no problem viewing the main page. The problems start when I try to see my uploaded images, I get again the “internal error” message and I can’t see any picture,though I uploaded 3. I’ll appreciate any help from anyone

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Yeah, same here… Started I think sometime last week or so. Also same when trying to view the gallery at all :person_shrugging: Also get instant some error wich dissapear shortly just after entering the website.
Maybe has something to do with the rework of the databases and all the stuff…
I assume the admins already up on this and will be fixed soon?!

(Maybe helpful: I’m on Win10 22H2 with Firefox ver.116.0.3)


Hi guys,

I’m not sure why but the database holding all the images information for the search engine (which powers the general gallery as well as personal ones) was down. I’ve just restarted it and it’s working again.

This is very rare. I’ll investigate what happened but in the meantime you can continue to use the app as usual.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi, thanks for your quick response. I tried now and it works, both my gallery and uploading new images

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Yeah! Same! Seems to work again :smiley:
Thanks for looking after!
And don’t worry, things happen :laughing:
I hope you can find the error why this happend. Because, at least for me, the worst errors are these ones fixing itself with magic and you have no clue why and when it will happen again :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

See Ya! :vulcan_salute:

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