IOS performance issue


Lately I have been experiencing performance issues with Telescopius on both my IOS devices. One new Iphone12 and one older Ipad.

Today I can’t redo the camera rotation that was done last week. Often the simulator window does not populate with the target.

Is there anything I can do to smooth this out?


Hi Andy,

The simulator window being left blank/black is usually caused by Aladin Lite temporarily being down. I’m planning to add backup imagery for when this happens as it’s happening more and more often lately.

Regarding the performance issue, what iOS version are you running?

I haven’t released any update in the past few weeks to the Telescope Simulator so I’m afraid any change in performance must be related to an iOS update. I’ll upgrade my iPad to the latest version and let you know what I find.

As workaround, can you try running Telescopius on a different browser on your devices? I would love to know if you see the same performance issues on Chrome vs. Safari. Thanks!

The simulator is blank/black indeed on my iOS device (iPhone Xr). But only when usjng my preferred browser Chrome. On Safari it works.

This is a long-standing issue for me and only recently realized it does work on Safari on my phone, which I now use as a workaround.

So there must be some JS incompatibility with Chrome iOS browser. I haven’t gone as far as looking for errors (yet)

I’ve just tried Telescopius on both iOS 13 and 14 and it seems to be working fine on Safari performance-wise. It’s only showing performance issues on Chrome v87 (was working fine on v86).

I believe the blank Simulator is related to this because it was also working fine on version 86. I’ll be debugging these issues in the coming days and get back to you.

Thanks for all your work! I was out last night imaging for the first time in many days because of weather!!!

On my iPhone 12 pro max NO imagery was available to my window. The other photos of the target showed at the top, but not in the main window. This was true in Chrome on IOS and Safari on IOS. I had perfect cell signal being only 8 miles out of town.

I was trying to use the site May 4 23:00 to May 5 03:00. I guess this is just an update.

Thanks again.

I’ve been trying to fix this but the truth is it’s working fine most of the time! My best guess is that this is an issue with Aladin Lite library.

Aladin Lite is great in that it has a lot of surveys, but when it’s down the whole Telescope Simulator is useless. I’m planning to implement alternative imagery sources so even if Aladin Lite is not responding as expected we can still simulate framing with some image!

I’ll make sure to announce this when it’s done :slight_smile:

I can report that the Simulator is not loading images under the following conditions:

iMac Pro, Big Sur,

  • Chrome Version 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (x86_64)
  • Safari : Version 14.0.3 (16610.
  • Firefox: 79.0 (64-bit

iPhone iOS 14.5 - Safari, Chrome
iPad iOS 14.5 - Safari, Chrome…

All not working today…

There was a general problem with Aladin Lite today (the imagery engine the Simulator is based on) affecting all browsers and devices, but it’s already fixed.

Please note it may take a couple of visits to the website until you get the upgrade automatically. If you want to speed it up, you can try closing all Telescopius tabs and clearing your browser cache.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry to report that I continue to have intermittent failure to load images into the simulator. IOS Safari and IOS Chrome. As a user none of the starts, stops, reloads, reboots of the devices is of any particular help. Then suddenly it works correctly. Now that I can load imaging plans into the AsiAir Pro this is of a bit greater concern.
Thanks for all your work.

I can confirm there are automatic error reports for 85 users on iOS. I’m releasing an update later tonight that aims to fix this. Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure if some of these reports correspond to one or more of your devices, nor if this is exactly the same issue. Moreover, I can’t reproduce this issue on any of my devices (so I can’t test the fix), but I will keep an eye open to see if new errors are reported.

Please note this update may take a couple of visits to the site until you get it automatically. If you keep seeing this behavior, please check if the version is 20210617 or above (you can check the version at the bottom right corner of the any one of the pages on Telescopius, right below the copyright notice) just to make sure you are running the latest version possible.

If you are trying to fix these issue, why not contact Apple Support, they would be glad to help you to solve these question. If you are sure that there are not question with your hardware, upgrade your iOS system can solve.
If the above methods are not working, try TunesKit iOS System Recovery and it can make it better

Hi everyone,

I think I finally fixed it in version 20210727. There was a race condition by which the FOV would be set to 0, and I was not getting that behavior on any of my devices.

I’ve just added some lines to prevent this from happening so the Simulator should work fine now.

If you are still seeing this behavior, please make sure you are running version 20210727 or above (displayed at the bottom right corner of all pages). It may take a couple of visits to the site until the upgrade happens automatically.