Is it possible to select an iTelescope Observatory for a My Observing List?

I am new to Telescopius and set up several “My Observing Lists” noting that it was possible to add a location from the saved observatory locations. This is an excellent feature, and I was looking to associate an iTelescope location that is on the observatory locations list. Perhaps, I am missing how this is done or it is not possible at present and would appreciate any assistance.

Hi @PRBrandy, welcome to the forum!

It’s not possible to fix an iTelescope location for observing lists - yet! I have just added your suggestion to the roadmap and I’ll update this thread when it’s done :slight_smile:

I found a simple workaround for handling this issue last evening. If I select a location under the iTelescope selection of locations and then select the “Add frequent location”; the addition form retains all of the information from iTelescope (Longitude / Latitude / Time zone / Min Altitude). All I did was enter the name of the iTelescope location and all was saved. This allows me to (re-)create the iTelescope locations as Frequent Locations with the ability to add to an observing list. (Hope that explanation makes sense)

thanks again for the excellent website

That’s a great workaround! Thanks for sharing it, hopefully it will help someone else until the feature you requested is done :slight_smile: