iTelescope is adding a new Telescope - T80

I checked with iTelescope and a new telescope T80 is being added at: Entre Encinas y Estrellas
Latitude:|38° 13’ 10.89" North| / Longitude:|6° 37’ 54.32" East|

I believe this would require the addition of an Observatory and Telescope

Also, two additional telescopes are being added at Deep Sky Chile: T71 and T72

Thank you for sharing the details of the new telescopes :slight_smile: iTelescope administrators handle this kind of updates themselves and I can see those telescopes are in Telescopius already. Of course, it’s 3 months late since you posted. I’m just catching up with all posts :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the information. And I now know that the good folks at iTelescope handle the updating.

And again, my thanks for the extra effort in providing an excellent tool for astrophotography.



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