J2000 Epoch coordinate system used in Telescopius: right?

I regularly find a difference between telescopius coordinates and those ones used in Asiair - Skysafari .
If i enter telescopius’ coordinates into Asiair or Skysafari, my mount ends somewhere else.
I tried to convert telescopius coordinates here: Javascript Astronomical Coordinate Converter
from J2000 into J2021 and everything work. So i deducted that Telescopius uses J2000 epoch.
Am i right? Could you please confirm this?

Yes, Telescopius uses epoch J2000 everywhere, but I’m planning to add a settings pane where you can change the default reported epoch among other things. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it in the coming months.

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Thanks Sebastian for your quick reply.
And a big thank for your wonderful job at creating but mainly mantaining and optimizing Telescopius…:slight_smile:

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Hi Sebastian.
Did you have any chance to add the panel setting where we can change the coordinate system?

Thanks for your effort…

Hi Andrea,

I’ve been working on other features, and I’m currently working on making most of the planning sections work offline.

Adding the preferences panel as I had thought will take me some time and that’s why I’m pushing it for later, but I’m thinking I might be able to hack something quickly to show coordinates in JNow when you mouse over them. Do you think that could help in the meantime?

Hi Seba.
That would be fantastic as well.
You are building the most exciting live deepsky planner platform I’ve ever seen so take your time to put yourself on other most important features, as you told before.
Good luck and many thanks for your efforts to improve and enrich all this huge platform, that is Telescopius…

Hi Andrea,

There is new calculator to convert coordinates from J2000 to JNow and vice versa (main menu Toolbox > Calculators):

This is not exactly the preferences panel I mentioned above (to convert all coordinates in the system automatically according to your settings), but I thought I could make this tool available pretty quickly now.

This update is rolling out later today. I hope this helps until I make the site-wide change to all coordiantes :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian.
Wonderful. Thanks.
I’m looking forward to having this panel in the right place, somewhere in the main page according to my settings, as you mentioned above…
Anyway, thanks a lot for this new tool…

Hello Sebastian, maybe a year later there is an option to create a mosaic using JNow coordinates. Is it?