Location not remembered

I get grumpy when the App does not remember my location! Trying to save it seems impossible with the App opening at its default!

Hi Richard, welcome to the forum!

The app should remember your user and location across sessions.

Do you have a Telescopius user or use the website anonymously? If logged in, is the user “lost” as well?

What browser/s and version/s are you using? Did you set them up to delete cookies when closing it? Do you have this issue of info not remembered with other websites?

Greetings Sebagr,
I am a Telescopious User. When I log on, the App recognizes me so presumably the User is not lost.
Using current Windows 10 and the Chrome Browser plus Bing search engine.
“Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” —setting.
After your question, I am guessing this is may be the issue and easily fixed.
Same issue with other websites I use? Not sure.
Cheers from Tasmania