Meridian time error

Hi Seba.
It has been happening for 1 week that meridian time for all of my personal observing list objects are wrong.
I already deleted all my cache cookies, images and so on but the problem is still present.
At every page update the time changes.
I upload 3 screenshots.
Thanks :pray:

This forum is addressed as “Telescopius forum”, so i think it should be monitored at least daily (if i were you for my standard, should be hourly) by the owner and creator of the site, that is you Seba…
On this forum almost all of us write because we have some problems about the site: so, it’s not good for you leave this forum unuttanded and unseen for days and days…

I like this forum and personally I am not at all bothered by Seba’s response times. While it is true that some time may pass between a question and an answer, from what I can see, an answer is always given eventually.
And given the economic model of this site I think asking for “hourly” monitoring of the forum is a bit too much!

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Hi @andrea_arbizzi,

I’ve just released an upgrade in version 231123 that fixes this issue.

Honestly, somehow I missed the notification for this topic. That happens from time to time. I tend to catch up eventually, but having the wife and kid sick for 2 days didn’t help this time.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that I offer priority support for Patrons. Whenever I have more messages/bugs I can attend to at any given point, I prioritize helping those who support the development of Telescopius.

Thank you, and clear skies!

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