Mobile notification for upcoming good observing conditions?

Love the weather widget! My workflow is now to check that every morning and see if the clouds have finally passed and the seeing is good.

It’d be nice to have a feature where I got a notification on my phone in the morning to tell me if it is worth preparing for observing tonight. Perhaps to some parameters? For example where I am it’s always cloudy so if there’s even a chance of a break in the clouds I’ll take it, but others might want properly clear skies.

An alternative could be putting the weather widget into an actual Android style desktop widget.

Perhaps both features for the upcoming mobile app?

The notifications feature is planned - not sure when it will be done but it’s already in the backlog :slight_smile:

The Android widget has never occurred to me, but I like it! I’ll see what I can do for the next app updates.

Thanks for your suggestions, clear skies!

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