Multi search parameters function?

Are there any plans to add a multi search parameters function in the future ?

I think it would be a useful tool to do a search on Type of Object / Rise and also Size

Just a thought for specialized object planning

thank you in advance

There are no plans… because you can already do it! :slight_smile:

You can go to the Targets menu, then Deep Sky. You’ll see a list of targets which you can filter down using the Search Parameters at the left hand side (if you are on a cellphone, you need to tap the first red filter button next to the search result count at the top).

In the screenshot below you can see the Object Type and Apparent Size filters expanded and set to arbitray values.

The rise/set times can also be considered by combining them with a minimum altitude in the sky (0 degrees = horizon) and the time lapse you want the object to be visible above that altitude. In the screenshot below, I’m asking to see objects which rise above 10 degrees in the sky for at least 30 minutes during the astronomical night (8.20pm to 5.09 am for my location today). I’m also requesting targets to be at least 10 degrees away from the Moon.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Well shoot ! I’ve been using Telescopius for more than a year and did not even try that :crazy_face:

I will give this a try and I’m sure after some practice, I will figure it out.

I love your website and plethora of information. Customer service is awesome too !

thank you sir