Multiple home locations to have onscreen with info at any one time

I use multiple online robotic controlled telescopes for my Astronomy activities. My sites do not appear to be listed in the application Web site and I cannot find out or see how to have multiple sites listed or set as my defaults so that I can choose the details for the one on which I have allocated time. E.G. I have set up Siding Spring Faulkes but Haleakala FTN Faulkes North or NSO Liverpool Telescope do not show up and I want to have multiple site to choose from at any time???

@Errol_Simpson sorry for the late reply!

You can save all those locations to your profile. You first need to be logged in, then in the left hand sidebar you can click on the current location, and then on the “Add frequent location…” link to save them. After that, whenever you are logged in you’ll see them listed there, and a single click will switch between them.

In the following example, you can see there are 4 saved locations (Helsinki, Home, etc.).

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: