New feature suggestion - search for narrow band objects

I have an remote observatory and always have difficulty in selecting Narrow band objects to image with the moon up. It would be great to sort for narrowband objects to make my search more efficient.

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Hi Dave, welcome to the forum!

You can choose to filter objects out which too close to the Moon:

For narrow band targets, the recommended distance is at least 60-90 degrees.

Does this help?

Thanks for email with info, but i was really looking for a method to filter the objects shown in your database by narrow band targets. for example: lets assume moon comes up at 1am, i want to find an narrow band object(Ha or Sii) to image after 1am. currently i would need to go object by object and determine which object could be shot with Ha or Sii. by determining how the shown images were shot. It would be easier to have the capability to sort list on objects that were shot in Ha, Sii or both. Can look for shapeless objects, but there are really only available to shoot toward summer and during summer. For other catalogs, you have to shoot the object to know if Ha/Sii is even visible. Since hundreds (or thousands) of user have shot and placed in your datebase, all of us could use these shots to create a list of narrowband objects that have been essentially prescreen as possible narrowband targets.

Ohh I see what you mean. Filtering targets by “narrowband target” is a feature on the roadmap, I hope I’m able to do it later this year :slight_smile: