Nikon 5300 to 8 inch Dobson eyepiece

I am trying to attach my Nikon 3500 to my telescope I have the adapter but to use it I have to remove my eyepiece from the telescope, this is where my magnification is so that’s not going to work . How do I attach the camera after the eyepiece so I can keep it’s magnification?
Thanks ,
Mark in Florida

Hi Mark,

There are adapters to hold your camera and photograph your eyepiece view, but that’s usually very low quality and hard to align properly.

If you need more magnification when attaching your camera to the scope, you can try adding a barlow lens. I’m not sure how you are attaching your camera, but one common solution is to attach the camera to a threaded barrel (1.25 or 2 inches), where you can attach filters and, more importantly for this case, barlows from 2x to 5x. I hope this helps!