Off-Axis Guiding

I have an SBIG ST-8XE, and it has an internal, off-axis tracking sensor. It would be hugely useful if the telescope simulator could show both the box for the imaging sensor and the box for the tracking sensor in relation to the imaging sensor, all at the same time. That would make it far easier to choose the orientation of the camera ahead of time because I would be able to tell if a guide star is falling within the box of the tracking sensor, and it would make it possible to simply choose a guide star ahead of time.

Hi @Wolf, welcome to the forum!

I have just added your feature request to the backlog.

In fact, there’s another feature that would benefit from showing two framings at the same time, and that’s being able to show two different telescope-camera setups to see which one is better suited for each target.

Both require new code to handle two framings at once, so I guess once that’s done adding both features will be quite easy. I’ll let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

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We at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Campus Observatory have benefited from your website immensely so far, and adding a feature for off-axis guiding framing would make our experience all the more better. It can be quite hard to find guide stars sometimes! Especially in our 12.4" f/15 Brasher refractor! Thank you in advance!

On a side note, I think there would be a bit of an issue with trying to determine the spacing of the two sensors in the camera because there isn’t anything in the specifications that tells you about that spacing, which I suspect might also be a problem for other off-axis guiders, especially if they are external guiders like the SBIG StarChaser.

Yes, absolutely. I guess we should be able to move any framing some percentage to the side for example, and specifics for each setup would need to be estimated by each user.