On Entering from iTelescope, Choosing a New Site Does Not Work

As stated above when Telescopius is entered from iTelescope and a different iTelescope observatory is chosen, the choice is accepted momentarily and then it jumps back to the original observatory.

This also happens if you run Telescopius directly (not from iTelesope)

When opening Telescopius, there is a site selected. IF a different site is selected, it may or may not change to the new site. After the first attempt at changing sites, it will never allow a change to a new site. The only workaround is to quite the application and restart.

I checked today and changing to new site is functional - will continue to test this functionality and report if there are any failures

This is still not working most of the time in the latest version of Chrome. Even if I close all Telescopius tabs in my browser and open a fresh one with the link from iTelescope it will not accept the choice of a new site, or when a site is selected it won’t accept a change of Telescope.

If you keep trying to make one of these changes it’s sometimes accepted but usually not.

Is there a definitely reliable fix or workaround? It’s not an acceptable solution to have to close my browser as I don’t want to lose the state of other open tabs.

Note that I am signed in to Telescopius and have cookies enabled.