Plate Solving Off

So I just uploaded my picture of the witch head nebula and when it plate solves its off quite a bit. Any reason why or any tips to fix this? I updated the image center but that didn’t help. This was with a Redcat 51 and canon 6d. I had to crop the photo a little to get rid of some stacking artifacts so I don’t know if that would mess it up.

Thank you for your report. I have identified where the problem is, now I need to fix the code and all affected images.

I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

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Ok thank you. I appreciate this!

Any update on this? Cause its still not matching.

Not yet, sorry. So far I’ve identified the issue to be related to the rotation/flip of the image in the metadata.

In some cases, when the image is rotated losslessly using metadata, the plate solution is failing to compensate this and shows the annotations where they would be if the image was not rotated.

I need to detect this prior to processing and compensate after plate solving. Moreover, I need to identify all images affected by this (which requires downloading all 150,000+ original files to inspect them) and then re-run the plate solving.

I’ll make sure to update this topic after it’s fixed, sorry for the delay!

I forgot to add the link to the plate solution from

I uploaded your original file and the problem is the rotation metadata being ignored. Telescopius uses this service to plate solve images, so I’ll take care of this by rotating the image before sending it to plate solving, if needed.

@drgdawg3 I’ve just released the fix for this issue. I manually flagged your your Witch Head Nebula image to be reprocessed and it’s fixed now. All new uploads should work fine as well.

All previously uploaded images affected by this bug will be fixed by a script in the coming days.

Thanks for your report and your patience :slight_smile: Clear skies!