Please make the J2000/JNow epoch toggleable

I love Telescopius, but this is THE feature that kills me night after night after night.

Every time I have to shoot, and heavens forbid I have to do a mosaic; I have to frame my target, get the RA/Dec, copy the CSV, paste it into a notepad, go to the converter, paste the RA/Dec one by one into the converter, convert it, then paste them back one by into the notepad, before I can copy that manually into my ASIAIR.

Please for the love of all things holy, make the Epoch a setting you can toggle so save me from this madness!


Thank you!

Hey, welcome to the forum! That feature is coming, hang in there :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on the new targets database and incorporating it everywhere, and after that I’ll probably be working on this :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic news, thank you!

Just copy the Tescopius mosaic or save to .csv file and import that into ASIAIR. ASIAIR will convert from J2000 to JNow.