Post-upload adjustments

I quite often find that I want to slightly adjust the brightness or contrast of an image after I’ve uploaded it and viewed it on the website. It’s great that I can do this with the ‘more adjustments’ setting, but I’ve not found a way that I can lock this in as the default display option for that image for everyone - I usually end up adjusting my image locally and then having to re-upload to the site. Could you implement an option to lock in the adjustments, either as a modifier to the original image or as a new version without re-uploading? (assuming that you can’t do that today)

Thanks for the great site

Hi Gordon!

Initially, the “more adjustments” section was added for a quick inspection of certain pictures, to try and bring up certain details or colors that the author might have chosen to leave out of the final processing for the overall look. In other words, it was never meant to be part of the editing process, just a quick inspection tool.

But I get what you say. I have just added your feature request to the backlog. Most likely, I will leave the original upload intact and let users create new revisions based on those adjustments. Then you’ll be able to flag that revision as final.

I’ll come back here and let you know when it’s done.