Projection difference from PC to Android phone

Creating huge mosaic of the winter hexagon. On my Phone Telescopius says i can use 8 panels
2 across and 4 up giving it gives me a FOV 87.33 X 98.69. sensor size APSC Focal 24mm 45% overlap.
this to me is wrong the winter hexagon is a good 120 degrees in width.
now create the exact same set up on my PC and the projection of the winter hexagon is larger
and doesn’t fit with in the same FOV. need to go 3 across and 5 up 45% overlap FOV 118 X120.
i looks like the projection of the sky is smaller on my Android phone and looks wrong.

Sometimes the barlow/reducer setting can affect the FOV if we forget we set it on one of the devices.

Would you mind sharing screenshots from both your devices to check the settings? I’m particularly interested in seeing the camera, telescope and mosaic settings.

Photograph of my PC screen

Screen shot from my phone.

focal lenth 24mm aperture 4mm barlow reducer off.
sensor 23.6 X 15.6 postion angle 180
grid sixe 2X3 45%
settings the same on both

Thank you for the details. I can confirm there is an issue with big wide angle framings, regardless the mosaic settings. I just tried a 36x24mm sensor with a 16mm lens and I can see the difference in framing too.

I believe the problem is related to how the whole sky sphere is presented on small screens.

I’ll post an update when the fix is released.

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