Request video tutorial on custom horizon scanning and import

I’ve tried tracing the skyline around my observing site to create the file using the website external app. I have been able to create the CSV file with the altitude and compass direction points. But I have not been successful in importing it in to TELESCOPIUS. I’ve tried reformatting the CSV a couple of different ways and trimming down some of the data but a simple cut and paste or the file isn’t working either. I did not find a YouTube video describing how this process works and I could use your help. I have been successful in creating my own sky Safari terrain mask. Is there a video tutorial around somewhere?


It should look like below, just ‘Az Alt’ with a space between them.

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CSV is not supported. If you want to create it manually, what Vroobel said above works. This format is what’s used on other software like NINA and others, so we stick to that to increase interoperability.

The other alternative is to use the gyrocam link shown below the text box. That lets you use your phone camera to create that file while you pan your camera 360 degrees and select high points with your finger.

The example above shows two coordinates a new row and two more coordinates.

I don’t understand the syntax.

Thinking of my telescope site as a point in space it seems I would need a heading and a height.

The link to the simple app provides much more data. The next reply in this thread will show what I received.

Heading Az El Roll gx gy gz
234.7 45.45 -2.68 181.05 0.02 9.75 0.38
285.3 97.88 -2.84 180.52 -0.17 9.81 0.49
1.7 171.78 -0.81 181.62 -0.2 9.79 0.01
29.2 201.21 -0.83 180.99 -0.2 9.73 0.08
41.9 218.99 -1.3 181.51 -0.25 9.79 0.19
76.8 247.89 -1.08 182.01 -0.34 9.77 0.18
89.1 272.12 -1.58 181.68 -0.14 9.8 0.42
121.6 294.95 -1 180.65 -0.25 9.84 0.31
109.4 286.88 -1.84 179.82 -0.03 9.76 0.3
161.2 331 -4 181.1 -0.25 9.78 0.8
227.7 36.41 -5.67 182.89 -0.52 9.78 0.84

Is this little applet pulling more information from my phone than I need? I’m guessing that I only need the first two columns? If not any additional comments you can provide will be appreciated comments that you can provide will be appreciated.